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Some words about our project

People can talk and argue about the female beauty for all the eternity, but the fact that women ARE beautiful is great by itself. There are endless points of view and numerous changes in them according to fashion and time on what the female beauty is, but just to be around women is like being in the garden of Eden surrounded by fragrant flowers. So different, so beautiful. Every flower has its own fragrance, its own mysteries and magic powers. What kind of mysteries? Would you like to rise up this curtain slightly and to find out for yourself?

These are the secrets and mysteries that let women to be like fragrant beautiful flowers for ages. To conquer the time and the space. To open up to the world and to become a source of inspiration for men, poets and photographers alike.

Do you know where limitless imagination, explosive creativity and striving for perfection may take you? When these factors are combined, they take you all the way to the highest spheres where dreams and reality blend.

Nude-Dreams takes Russian erotic photography to a totally new level the one where Russian schools of film-making, ballet, literature and other arts exist. With plain nudity so far away, Nude-Dreams features works which have every right to be called masterpieces.

Nude-Dreams enables you to see young, beautiful, appealing Russian models which exude primeval eroticism and Venus-like charm. Their physique, the heart-melting eyes and unforgettable bodies are absolutely enchanting alone. Still, it was not enough for us. It takes Russian and Ukrainian top photographers, richest and most unusual backgrounds and settings, flawless production, and rigorous selection process to distill and give you something that has every right to be called highest class Russian erotic photography. The cream. Something others just don't have.

The beauty of gorgeous young Slavic ladies is disclosed by those who have deep appreciation and understanding of this field. Nude-Dreams gives you the authored selection of the best!

There are many new nature photos will be soon. And now you can see some photos of great masters, such as Sergey Ryzhkov, Anton Volkov, Rustam Koblev, Eugene Shaman and others here.

Some words about authors of Nude-Dreams

Ron Harris

Ron Harris Studio has carved his own niche in the world of amateur adult content. An emphasis on youthful beauty and sincerely performed masturbation scenes makes for an intimate experience of the featured models, and the quality of all the original material is fantastic. Always pretty, sometimes sexual, miraculously modern, Ron Harris's photos are the best history of erotica we have, the standard for all production values, and the likeliest place to find the next wave in female beauty. The women of Ron Harris, whom Hugh Heffner called 'the King of Erotica', are simply the finest in the world. Luscious, gorgeous, and always hot, this is your fantasy made real.

Click here to look some photos of Jana, one of the beautiful model of Ron Harris.

Anton Volkov

Anton Volkov is well known photo-artist for his creative nude black & white photos. His work with female nudes has been published in many magazines and web sites devoted to erotic art. The collection presented here is our selection of his nude and erotic work, which is continually updated and growing every day.

Originally the word was thought to come from Portuguese "feitico" and derived from the Latin, "factitius" or "facere", to do or to make. The implication being the artefact was created artistically or by the supernatural and was worshipped in obsessive fashion because of its magical powers i.e. a lucky talisman. The attraction could be sexual or non-sexual, and the object, inanimate or animate. According to Steele (1996), the original meaning was either religious or anthropological. By the nineteenth century, the term had been extended to refer to anything, which was irrationally worshipped. French psychologist, Alfred Binet, was the first to describe fetish in the psychological sense, in 1887. As the science of sexology developed from the nineteenth century the term fetish became firmly associated with sex and the attraction of certain portions of the female body, or specific articles of female attire. Examples of body parts, which attract the fetishist, include feet, hair, buttocks, and breasts; and objects include. gloves, lingerie, hose, leather, brassieres, and garters. In the interests of intellectual exchange the author attempts to describe foot fetish and shoe retifism.

While pornography popularly focuses on unadorned and unemotional lusts and the explicit depiction of sexual acts, erotica tends to define material with a higher emotional content, the development of place, character and story line, or of an overall artistic theme. However, such distinctions are necessarily subjective and may say more about the critic's own tastes on erotic material than the artistic and other attributes of the material itself. In the motion picture sense, softcore pornography (soft porn) is a similar kind of commercial art form that resides in the area between erotica and hardcore pornography, although erotica, as a type of fine art, may also be highly sexually explicit.

The division between erotica and pornography is an aesthetic division, usually dependent on moral philosophy, religious dogma, or personal outlook. At present, many legal jurisdictions maintain laws regulating the availability of expressions deemed pornographic (although that term almost never appears in legal texts), arguably to maintain a level of comfort or safety for a majority of citizens.

Basically it means nude art without anything much added. If the images are artistic, they are only so to a degree that does not interfere with the beauty of the model. And if the images are erotic, they are so as an undertone, not the main purpose, and they are not so to a degree that that overwhelms the experience of the beauty of the model.

Su biografia dice que nacio en 1978, se graduo en el 2000 en la Universidad de Automecanica, aunque su verdadera pasion debia estar en el mundo de la fotografia; interes que desarrollaria en el proyecto web que comenzo a gestar en el 2001. En el ano 2004 Anton D. Volkov ya se habia convertido en fotografo profesional y estas fotografias son una pequena muestra de su trabajo.

Click here to look some photos of Anton Volkov.

Eugene Shaman

Eugene Shaman prefers a black-and-white photo. Some its works can seem gloomy, but this deceptive impression. All products of the Shaman are somewhere on a thin side between dark and light, frank and modest, gentle and severe. Thus the author never crosses this side.

Works of the Shaman never happen unequivocal. The spectator can always find something in its photos. The author leaves always a place for imagination to the spectator. Thus the Shaman did not study in a photo specially though he visited the master-classes of such great photographers as, for example, Helmut Newton.

"I am a self-educated person. All has come during work. And basically many outstanding photographers did not finish any of 'photos academies', as have shown my supervision", - the Shaman speaks.

Shaman is guided first of all by own sensations in the works, but Eugene has the ideal. However, it not the photographer, and director Andrey Tarkovsky.

Works of Evgenie Shaman are in private collections in Russia and abroad.

Click here to look some photos of Eugene Shaman.

Sergey Ryzhkov

"About myself:

I am art director of womanish magazine of "BEAUTYTIME".

I take pictures for advertising. I take pictures and sell a photo for calendar. I take pictures and sell a photo for illustrations of books and magazines. I do a design. I take pictures and sell the series of photo for magazine, internet of sites.

I have excellent models, technique excellent by a photo, and excellent illumination, excellent interiors.

I can travel (voyage) with the models within the limits of Ukraine. I search the interested businessmen with which it will be possible to create the personal site with erotic photos and requiring payments viewing. I have more than 500000 photos. Some of my photos it is possible to see on the sites of and and I have 7 photographers and can create 400 sets photo (there is a from 75 to 130 photo in one set) in a year plus 20 videos."

Masterful work of light and installation. Sergey Ryzhkov for a long time is known as the master of an erotic photo too.

Click here to look some photos of Sergey Ryzhkov.

Rustam Koblev

Click here to look some photos of Rustam Koblev.

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Grigori Galitsin

You can see many video and films from most talented Russian photographer Grigori Galitsin on this page.

Different authors

And now you can see many galleries of different authors. These photos was on Nud-Art site, but now you can see it only here, because we're the 'next generation' of that project.

Click here to look many erotic photos of different authors.

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